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And it’s not only Brits who are heading home: the German and French populations also fell, with Chinese the only nationality increasing their presence in the country.

Local estimates put the figures even higher, with reports in English language newspaper The Olive Press suggesting that some 20,000 Brits want to leave the Costa del Sol alone.

Though I’ve since stopped using it, I thought I’d take the opportunity to shine some light on some cultural questions that came up during my experiences meeting people through the app.

I should mention that all the guys I met in person were really nice.

Plus, I justify it with the fact that if Basques truly are so hard to meet, then the ones who sign up for Tinder are merely the 1% of the population that are extroverts, not total creeps.

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Paella on the playa; sangria under the stars; afternoon siestas after riotous fiestas.

Caroline and Adam are amazingly nice people who really care about their guests.

They are experts in their field and impart their knowledge with patience, humor and flexibility.

Across other areas popular with UK expats, there could be as many as 50,000 more hoping to head home.

The real figures might be even higher, experts add, but for the number of people who can’t sell their properties in the current economic climate.