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She wears earrings of a unique design that aids her balance and allows her to always land on her feet.

with a criminal record (pardoned) Place of Birth Flushing, New York First Appearance Amazing Spider-Man #194 (1979) Origin Amazing Spider-Man #195 (1979) Though it has been suggested that she had a latent mutant ability to affect probability fields around her ("jinxing"), the Black Cat's original "bad luck" powers were nothing more than meticulously planned stunts, executed with the aid of her exceptional gymnastics and unarmed combat skills.Even good lovers can fall into bad habits sometimes.These six habits may signal that you're missing out, when you could be blissing out, during sex. It's key to tell your lover what you like or want sexually.The Tinkerer has also provided her with metal mesh wired gloves with sensors to trigger extension of claws, agility-boosting implants and interaural balance compensators.The Black Cat carries a small grappling hook device, with a built-in release mechanism, enabling her to swing among buildings in a manner similar to Spider-Man and Daredevil, though with marginally less speed than either.