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The kitchen is one room in your home that you can guarantee will get foot traffic.It’s the perfect place to enjoy delicious meals with the family and entertain guests.Marble, granite, soapstone and slate are a few of the most common kitchen countertop stones that are trending.Of course with any home upgrade, there’s personal preference and pros and cons to take into account before making a decision.Would you ever guess this framed art is something you can print out at home?Whether you buy printable art on Etsy or find free versions online, adding artwork to a mantle or above an accent table ties the elements of the space together. Who says you only have to hang one banner across your mantle?It only makes sense that you’d want one of the most central rooms in your house looking sharp.

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Quartz countertops and hard wood floors seem to still rank as everyone’s favorite for their ease of maintenance and durability.

Every year appliances get smarter and help even the novice cook look like a pro.

Designers are bringing in streamlined, clean elements and plenty of specific storage so your kitchen can be the most organized it's ever been-and stay that way.

Canisters in a drawer for long tools like tongs, pantries, closets for cleaning supplies, deep divided drawers for easy access to baking sheets or cooling racks are just the beginning of getting organized in the kitchen.