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As you scroll down through the page, you can review the items that were added this year in chronological order.You should find this an excellent way to sample the evolving content of this website.Firefox #site Header #marquee Container #marquee-site, .Fortunately, my good friend John Iannone graciously took my place at the last minute.Great Expectations is subject to the state's Dating Services Law, the judge found -- and, under that law, charged vastly beyond the legal limit for the services provided. (Cinematical)Filed under: Celebrities and Controversy , Newsstand , Rumor Monger Does Daniel Radcliffe have a girlfriend?Rumors are swirling that the 16-year-old actor, who has won the hearts of millions of young girls as wizard hero Harry Potter, has become more than friendly with a trainee hairdresser seven years his senior.Foreign brides and single women seeking marriage or dating are waiting for you here!

Almost 60 per cent of Internet users said there is nothing wrong with trying to find a partner on the Internet.However, some people think the Internet does not help with marriage.Around 32 per cent of people agreed that “online dating keeps people from settling down because they always have options for people to date".And you can also view every previous year's Website News pages at the links below: The last few months have been exceptionally busy ones.I was traveling and lecturing throughout much of the Lenten season and had the misfortune to pick up a bug along the way, which put me in bed for two weeks and forced me, for the first time ever, to cancel one of my lectures (in Ottawa, Canada).