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I had so many problems with it, even though it was sent to service 3 times.The battery life is horrible, sometimes it just turns of and has no battery, it takes ages to charge the battery, 4-5 hours, and if I only charge 30/40 prosent it won't turn on. I have experienced a lot of lag too when I am scrolling through the menu.I have tried a few 3D movies on it too and they look superb, almost as good as the 3D effect at the cinema. I got this phone 4 months ago and at the beginning it was fine, however for a new smartphone it lacks the features that competitors have.

The new operating system came with built-in support for most standard image formats including JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and HD Photo in both Windows Explorer and in the newly introduced Windows Photo Gallery, a built-in application replacing the venerable add-in) with a much improved, modern and slick photo organizer.

Wirelessly stream your images - including RAW files - straight from your 64-bit PC to your living room TV set, with EXIF-based auto-rotation, thanks to our product's uncompromised Windows compatibility!

Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Orbit Studio, Blizzard Entertainment, Avid Technology, Hidden Path Entertainment, as well as countless photo studios, graphic and game artist's studios, imaging professionals and photographers all around the world.

■ Better quality with blazing fast speed - Incorporates the world's fastest recording technique and provides better video quality.

■ Best DVD Compatibility - Works for all DVD titles including those titles on which other products will fail or have audio problems (e.g.