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International Specialist in the Environment, Seattle, WA, USA Faltermeier Conservation Restoration, Singapore British Antartic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom Test America, The Leader in Environmental Testing, North Canton, OH, USAMexican Institute of Water Technology, Mexico The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji RPA Engineering Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Air Vironment Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa Rice University, Houston, TEXAS, USA These cores have come from a diversity of different environments; from the Canadian arctic to the high Andes Mountains.

As a result of the diverse and extensive experience Core Scientific International can anticipate and resolve many problems that might occur before the analysis of an individual core is begun.

Physical Chemistry Services Bulk density measurement of sediments (both dry & wet form) in gram per cubic centimeters at different depth intervals , measurement of conductivity, preparation of sample, both dry & wet forms for homogeneity prior to analysis.The Technical Assistance Program for Watersheds (TAPwaters) is dedicated to the use of geographic information system (GIS) and hydrological modeling technology for the advancement of watershed research and management.The TAPwaters office is located in the Spring Creek annex and houses two high-end workstations, a 4x5-ft.From the CRS model calculations, sedimentation rates varied markedly before (1.1 gcm-2y-1) and after (0.5 gcm-2y-1) construction of the Akosombo dam resulting in about 50% drop in sedimentation rate at the Volta estuary.Sediment accumulation rates were relatively low at the Pra estuary compared to the Volta estuary.