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According to researchers at IBM, using a seemingly innocent app to find a date may be the devious first step in an evil plan to bring down the company you work for, or even kickoff the next Sony-style cyber attack.Valentine's Day can be annoying, even if you have someone in your life.

If you want to spend some intimate time with your partner, why not use an aphrodisiac to help get things going?

Take advantage of the sunshine and head to a local batting cage or baseball game.

And don’t sweat it if you don’t have an MLB stadium nearby. “One of my favorite summertime traditions is going to minor league games with my boyfriend,” says Sarah from Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re in Stamford, Bridgeport or somewhere else in Connecticut, there is an adventurous time waiting for you. No matter how fancy you want your night to be, we have a perfect limo in store for you.

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