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The Disney Channel has a nice mix of both animated and live-action shows, so there's a little something for everyone.The Disney Channel also features Disney Channel Original Movies, which are great for family film nights at home.It’s a good place for the budding filmmaker to start.The film itself is contained within few environments and doesn’t call for visual tricks, which leaves Seater a lot of time to draw characters and connect with his tight-knit cast.Classic Disney Channel TV shows include Although television fans in different locations grew up with Disney Channel shows on different channels, the top TV shows on the Disney Channel should be pretty familiar to everyone. People Hold On finds a group of high school friends at a crossroads when they reunite for a traditional cottage getaway that puts them all at a junction.Like the iconic dance scene in The Big Chill, this scene in People Hold On is a refreshingly authentic moment that could appear at any gathering between old friends.It’s candid and soulful, wonderfully intimate and instantly relatable.

This list of the top current and cancelled Disney Channel TV series includes the date when each show first aired, as well as which actors starred in the show.If The Big Chill gives a thrill with its baby boomer energy and its great retro soundtrack, then People Hold On is an ensemble film of the maplecore days with an acoustic harmony.Instead of grooving to The Temptations in the kitchen, the cast of People Hold On grabs some cold ones and mellows out to an acoustic number as Matt (Noah Reid, Old Stock) performs the film’s title track with Robin (Paula Brancati, who also co-wrote the film).People Hold On brings a unique energy to the screen as it brings together a cast of characters played by actors who are friends in real life.The film stars a chorus of Degrassi alumni and Canadian film up-and-comers, and as the cast brings the characters face-to-face with the setting suns of their youth, People Hold On sees the actors push themselves to bolder dramatic limits.