Updating keys sonicview 8000

What do I need to do to get it up again with private server?

Question on the WIZhub V3.0.2: I just download it to thumb drive and connect to the receiver and run from there or I run thru a computer?

OK, I went home this afternoon from work and tried to set up the private server. Be sure password and user id are lower case and the IP address has periods in it to separate the numbers and recheck the DES number for correct entry. Also, I check the connection by unplug from receiver and connect to my laptop. I could use a long ethernet cable to connect direct from router to receiver to see it helps.

Imo, convert the i HUB to the WIZhub as per my other thread, this will stop the update error as it is referred to as and will work on the service you are using. Third, if you want, check the donation number to verify as working (I believe someone posted how to in another thread). I did turn off and on the receiver by the switch on the back many times, still not helping. Here is the one that made not working: DNS IP: I enter 62.2( as private server provided me) They provided me either 1ps or 62.2 I changed to 1ps instead of 62.2, it works.

Do you have other devices connected on your network that requires a local IP, if so be sure the local IP for the dongle is the higher value of all devices on the network to avoid local IP conflict. Here is my network setting: Server type: private server 1 Status: DNS fail Setting type: DHCP Local IP: 192.168.x.x Subnet: 255.255x gateway: 192.168.x.x DNS IP: 192.168.x.x Retry Timeout: 12 User name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx( all 14 numbers, this is donation number) Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx( all 14 numbers, this is donation number) Use DNS: yes Domain name: 62.212xxx Server port: 30010 DES KEY: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( all 28 numbers) 2.

In Server Name Use the server (witch is sent with the access code) 7. But as I said, this is a network problem, at this point anyway. I have a laptop, I even turn it off, still receiver not working. I also will try the IP local to 15 to see what happens.

In the Modified TP Update file the first thing it says is to do is " Instructions for use".Some things affect the left half, unhappy to content; other things affect the right, content to happy.Very few things a team lead, manager or employer can do will affect the full range.Hi all, I just purchased the private server with NFPS and they sent me the access code, and I need help to set up my SV8000HD with private server. I used to have ihub and update to SVLAN and used with AKAI japan public server and was out last couple months. is this the procedure I need to follow: How to get your Sonic View Working with IKSPrivate Server 1.