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Com, Pentecostal Preaching ·Tagged Black Preaching, Dr. Medina Pullings, Holiness Preaching, Pentecostal Place. Reader Covina sent me an article that is so stunning, I honestly wish it was a work of fiction, but it’s not.While Bishop Jones and Loretta have been friends for over 16 years, share a business and dog, the Gibsons believe they are not setting a proper example for believers by remaining unmarried. A." aftershow, Gibson explained why he was making such a big deal about Bishop Jones' marital status."I question his relationship because it's public," Bishop Gibson said on the aftershow."If it were private I wouldn't be that concerned."His wife Lavette agreed, saying it was important to show a level of maturity as a spiritual leader.Pray they repent of the evil doctrine they spread and the terrible deeds they’ve done. They own a home they purchased for .1 million on Bayshore Boulevard and a .5 million Trump Tower condo in New York. Some businesspeople complained the Whites reneged on deals and didn’t pay their bills.I’ll quote some of the article here, but you won’t know all of the story unless you read the whole thing. In the past seven years, five lawsuits or claims of lien filed against the couple or the church were settled or resolved in court in the plaintiffs’ favor. Hector Gomez, a former Without Walls staff member who left in 2000.How much of the revenue goes to the Whites, the couple won’t say.

That just means that there's some compatibility," Bishop Jones stated on the aftershow after being questioned by Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife Lavette.He moved with his parents to Syracuse, New York in 1965, and attended St.Jago High School, after which he found his calling to enter the ministry."At some point I have to take a look at my relationship now, which has a shift in this step."Loretta was not ready to accept the possibility of never marrying her close friend, and was emotional when dealing with the matter at hand."All I know is a yes, I haven't thought about the no," Loretta said. A.," Bishop Jones was not only joined by Loretta, but by senior pastor Bishop Gibson from the Riverside Calif., Life Church Of God In Christ, and his wife Lavette.The party of four had a heated discussion about the status of Bishop Jones' relationship with Loretta, which continued on the aftershow.