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According to recent reports, the actress has apparently broken up with long time boyfriend, Rizwan Bachav. She is effortlessly stylish which is what I like about her.

The couple met each other five years ago through Ekta Kapoor and went on to date each other for a long time. What is this why can't media let the co stars be friends thy they can't see 2 co actors having good rapport off screen...

But, rumors have it that Additi, who is close to her co-stars from 'Pardes..' has also found 'love' and 'support' in the form of co-star Laksh aka Veer.

It is being said that the duo's camaraderie has been evident and they are seen spending a lot of quality time together. They are just friends and why would Laksh date a girl who is more than a decade older than him? Seriously why can't actors just have some fun and masti offscreen? Pls give Additi some space after her break up What the hell is wrong with you guys ?

According to reports, Parth had sent a legal notice to Vikas Gupta in December, over molestation charges, non-payment of dues and the fact that Vikas was allegedly 'threatening to ruin his career'.

The actor has also lodged a complaint at the Versova Police Station and given a statement, as per a TOI report.

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The actress is glowing these days and has reason to smile because she has found love in real life.

In fact, it was Aditi’s idea to bring Rizwan close to Ekta Kapoor’s gang. Also, when Aditi could not attend her friend’s party or a wedding function, Rizwan makes sure to attend it.

Marriage is just a matter of signing the papers; they are happy and crazy in love and a great support to each other.

Laksh mentioned he doesn't connect with this and he is only focusing on his work.

I also thinking like that only you media don't gv television actress n actors space..