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My first question is for you and I’m wondering, you know, in terms of momentum as actors, because you shot a movie and not a pilot — and because you did it several months ago — how difficult was it to get back into your roles and into the Knight Rider storyline? Justin Bruening: Yeah, it was not difficult at all. Justin Bruening: …interacts fully with our headquarters, the SSC.

Deanna Russo: Because we didn’t take a break from it. we just kept working on the show from when we shot the two-hour pilot and then we were promoting it. Deanna Russo: And, you know, we just enjoyed our characters so much that it wasn’t – you know what I mean, we didn’t want to leave them behind just yet. Gary, I wanted to ask you a similar question because, you know, when the movie came out obviously it was, you know, a re-imagination of something we hadn’t seen in a long time. The talk at TCA was that the series was going to be in no way, shape or form even resembling the pilot, that everything was scrapped and writers were taking on a completely different mythology and storyline. Gary Scott Thompson: Right, and we have a headquarters which is – you know, we affectionately call the KITT Cave which is Satellite Surveillance Chamber, which is part of Knight Research and Development. And we can track and follow the car anywhere in the world via a co-opted satellite. He was a little white piece of plastic and I called him Elroy. Justin Bruening: You know, we come to – as the series progresses, as you get to find out, you know, what each character means to each of us.

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Deanna Russo is an American actress who plays Sarah Graiman in the 2008 Knight Rider Movie.

Gary Scott Thompson: Well it’s not just the second time. So we made sure that those four characters clicked into what the new mythology was for the series. The idea is going from you know, as if a child would go from say sixth grade all the way through college. Justin Bruening: …you know, something new each week. So Justin likes to take it out in between scenes and just like play with it. Actually, speaking of the nanotechnology Gary, how easy is it going to be to fit in new technology as you guys go because just a couple weeks ago they discovered invisibility or something, I was reading. Justin Bruening: Well it’s a name that I can say and it was this piece of s… That’s kind of where sometimes the humor comes in and, you know… Justin Bruening: …and the sexual tension, and all of that. Justin, the movie touched on Michael’s background and that he was previously in the war.

It’s now in 100 more times because we plan on going a long time with this one. Again, it’s 25 years later so we have to update the car, update the people and be in touch with the times. It’s, you know, kind of balls to the wall, flat out go, high octane adrenaline. Back on the original show KITT was really a science fiction creation. So it’s the idea of training him and making him learn or having him learn. Gary Scott Thompson: It’s actually the bells and whistles that are on KITT. You know, I fall in love with something and I get a new script, and there’s a new something. Gary Scott Thompson: It’s sort of a cloaking device. I try to actually make up the words just to see if she can actually say them. Justin Bruening: There is a lot of green screen, but there’s also a lot – we have a whole, you know, second unit that does… Can you guys just go back and tell me a little bit about maybe the coolest car that you’ve ever personally owned or, you know, whether or not you named your car back in the day, or anything like that? Deanna Russo: That’s what kind of keeps us apart is all these floozies that keep coming in. How has that shaped him into the guy he is today and what have you enjoyed about the way they have flushed that history out this season?

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The new TV show takes place 75 years after the of Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and his high-tech, four-wheeled partner KITT (voiced by William Daniels). Blazed a trail across 85s television schedules with its high-speed stunts, star-making performance from David Hasselhoff and awesome electro soundtrack.