Dating a woman from an abusive relationship

A nasty break-up, to be sure, with accusations and threats by Mitch, but Rita stuck to her decision while being cautious to protect herself in the process.How did Rita find the courage to end the relationship when it started to go sour — and abusive?

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A man who blames everyone else for his problems is a man who is utterly incapable of seeing himself as being wrong, and one day, you might become the target of his blame. Constantly blaming everyone else is a clear sign of someone who hasn’t developed healthy coping mechanisms.For example, does she feel differently now than before the relationship?What not to say: "Don't you see how he's brainwashed you?But as the months went by, it became more and more evident that Mitch had a hard time controlling the emotions he felt so strongly.As their relationship settled into a predictable routine — and the ecstatic feelings of new love wore off — Mitch had begun to yell at Rita over minor mistakes. Soon he started regularly lobbing verbal hand grenades — putdowns, sarcastic remarks, belittling names.