Dating detox millionaire match maker

Either way, on last night’s episode, she attempted to fix up two wealthy gay clients. These guys are interviewing to be paired with Smike Wallen (that’s his Facebook photo), a new-age-y type who cashed in via the real estate market, and wants somebody younger than he, and because he is wealthy is is entitled to his pickings. Well, we didn’t watch this thing, so let’s allow Smike seems mostly into these dudes for their looks and bodies. They hop in a tub together, then get a couple’s massage. The date ends with a champagne toast, overlooking the ocean. But he surprises us by not picking the guy who showed off his abs. In the end, he sides with Patti and picks the seemingly nice Chad. Smike wants to show Chad who he is (one with nature), so they start with a hike. There’s lots of innocent flirting going on with both guys leaning in a lot.

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In Step One: Dating Detox, Patti teaches you to take a thirty to ninety day dating break to recharge so that you’ll be mentally and spiritually ready to attract men.

Go out to dinner (“Coffee is cheap, drinks are an audition, lunch is an interview”), don’t talk only about yourself (“No one wants to be an extra in the movie of your life,” she tells an egomaniacal film director), be genuinely open to a real commitment.

Over a lunch of yam noodles and low-carb lobster rolls at a sushi restaurant near her office, Ms.

Engrossed in the 6th season my curiosity of whether or not her rules could really land me a mate was getting the best of me.

I couldn’t help searching the web for her book and some reliable reviews.