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While we’d remembered to switch on the masthead ­tricolor before venturing ashore, we weren’t the only boat in the anchorage on that inky-dark, January eve, and finding our way home proved challenging in the gathering swell.Just as the yacht’s owner, Bruce, recalled that sharks frequent Maui in midwinter, we caught Pickles’ bark.It was me, her owners, the crew, the late, great lensman Bobby ­Grieser and Pickles, the owners’ Jack Russell terrier.Our final night featured a celebratory meal at the Lahaina Grill, with Pickles dutifully standing watch back aboard.Flir has been making thermal imaging devices since the late-70's.In recent years, the company added its technology to smartphones and smartphone accessories.Open air marine environments are harsh and can be devastating to an audio speaker.That’s why Rockford Fosgate designs marine speakers with materials and build techniques that withstand salt, sea spray, fog and UV.

This overlays details from the HD camera onto the thermal photograph. Such cameras can be used in a variety of manners: flying over farm property checking irrigation piping, finding lost animals, checking solar arrays for hot spots, or recreating scenes from the film "Predator."The Duo is aimed at consumers for commercial use.They play on emotional triggers to get you to provide money, gifts or personal details.Scammers target victims by creating fake profiles on legitimate internet dating services.Packed with power, Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are specifically engineered to perform out in the elements.From large mono-block models to compact multi-channel options, all of our Element Ready amplifiers are equipped with features that put you in control of your audio experience.