Rockband community website updating

The company went on to say that when it originally launched the Rock Band Network it "had no idea" that the platform would take off in the way that it did."Even if we had been able to anticipate the level of enthusiasm, we certainly couldn't have predicted that the RBN authors would generate a body of work that so quickly eclipsed the official Harmonix output," the company said.

This also includes non-authoring things that may be relevant to authoring, like building packs and manipulating files/files. Looking for feedback/help from the community at large, or just looking to tell people what you're ACTIVELY working on?

Harmonix also pledges that monthly updates will continue to release early in each month.

Instead of just "coming every month," the updates will start "coming roughly a month apart from each other." This'll give fans a more precise window as when to expect new patches.

In fact, Rock Band Network authors have created 2,121 songs for the platform, which is just slightly above the 2,100 Harmonix-authored songs, which includes disc-based tracks.

So why is Harmonix taking the Rock Band Network down?