Project server event handler onupdating

NET Web Application, hosted on IIS on Windows Server along with Project Server.Currently I have 2 WCF services in my application: - the same result (and it seems to be logical because Task is not a Resource).In this article Developing an Event Handler Deploying the Event Handler Registering the Event Handler Association Testing the Event Handler: Using the Event Viewer and the ULS Log Debugging the Event Handler The Events service provides a way to extend Microsoft Project Server 2010 by adding new business logic.Project Server raises pre-events and post-events when Project Server Interface (PSI) methods change business objects such as .However, results were kind of surprising: Nothing in logs, which means that CRUDing tasks for Share Point Task List Project doesn't fire any event.Btw, handlers were correct and subscribed properly because I could see logs say for Creating Project. Event handlers provide hooks for adding new functionality, customizing existing functionality, and integrating with other applications.Event handlers for pre-events, such as Project Publishing, can check that business rules are followed and cancel an operation if necessary.

Here's an example showing how to register all Receiver Types, auto-wire them with any custom dependencies, and instruct the client to resolve instances from our IOC: directly as it already implements the IResolver interface, whilst you can re-use the existing IOC Container Adapters to enable support for other IOCs.

So I need to get all the cells for a row (well, only User ID and User Name in this instance).

After hours of finding ways on how to get the data from the row selected on a WPF Data Grid Control, as I was using Mongo DB.

Currently I'm using Project Server 2013 and trying to make remote event handlers work.

Remote event handlers are in WCF service which is in ASP.