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Emo wunderkind, folk troubadour, rock'n'roll saviour — he's been called it all.

Yet for someone who's released an album a year with more than half-a-dozen projects since he was 14, the 35-year old musician has maintained more continuity in his career than most people would expect.

“Have a good summer,” he’s written on one; “Sorry about everything,” on another.

Oberst is 36 and shows some signs of rock-and-roll wear and tear.

She says she posted his name a decade later to help others and at the suggestion of her husband.

I’m going to flip the record,” says Conor Oberst, rising from the sunken couch in his den to put on the second side of Willie Nelson’s The Sound in Your Mind.

Matthew Sr.'s business background becomes a major asset for Conor later in his career when he makes his father his business manager. At age 10 he learns to play guitar, receiving lessons from Matthew Jr.

His two older brothers, Justin and Matthew Jr., introduce him to '80s indie and alternative bands like the Cure, R. and starts hanging around the local indie record shop, Antiquarium Records.

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An attorney for Oberst filed the civil lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court, with the legal documents claiming Ms Faircloth was a liar who made 'despicable, false, outrageous, and defamatory statements' about Oberst last December.

His dark hair has hints of gray; his fingers are nicotine-stained.

In his denim vest, black jeans, and boots, mirrored Wayfarers hanging from the neck of his T-shirt, Oberst looks like an older but not particularly grown-up version of the sensitive boy wonder he was when he first emerged from the heartland a decade and a half ago, a persona subsequently name-checked in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom as shorthand for privileged 21st-century idealism.

He grew up in a leafy neighborhood not unlike this one, listening to his older brother’s Smiths records, soaking up what he could from the one decent record store downtown, and recording his first album at 14.

Conor Mullen Oberst (born February 15, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter best known for his work in Bright Eyes.